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Stacey Fox

Vice President, Fox Distributing

Stacey Fox

Stacey came to Florida from Midland, Michigan. She and Mike met on her second day in Florida on a volleyball court. They became teammates in volleyball and softball as well as friends before they started dating. They were married in Naples in 1988.

Stacey became involved part time in the business in early 1989. Later that year, they moved to North Port to be more centrally located in the territory. Jessica was born in 1992 and the next year Jason arrived. Shortly after that, Stacey became a stay at home mom while still helping with the office work.

After working full time for the company for quite some time, she "retired" from her daily duties. Stacey still continues to handle specialty projects and is an important part of the company. But most importantly, she is an involved and extremely proud mom.

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