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Frank Fox


Frank Fox

Frank, was born in Philadelphia in 1923. In 1970, Frank founded Fox Machinery Associates, Inc. in Pennsylvania. Frank was an involved sales engineer who rolled up his sleeves when necessary to help his customers. As a past shop owner and manufacturer Frank understood the unique problems and needs of operating a metal fabricating business. He was adept at finding real solutions to customer's needs and problems.

This heritage has stayed with Fox Machinery Associates, Inc. His hands-on service, understanding and meeting the needs of his customers are hallmarks of Fox Machinery. They make Fox Machinery unique to the industry! Frank then retired in 1982. Fox Machinery still operates out of Bridgeport, Pa. today.

He became familiar with BG Products, Inc. when he needed a specialty lubricant for use in the metal fabricating business. Never content to fully retire, Frank always thrived on giving others an opportunity to succeed. When Mike, his grandson, was ready to graduate college, he made him an offer he couldn't refuse and to move to sunny Florida and start a new company together. Sadly, Frank passed away one week after the September 11th tragedy in 2001.