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Mike Fox

President, Fox Distributing

Mike Fox

Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, Mike moved to Naples, Florida after graduating with a BS degree in Business from Millersville University in September 1986. Mike and Frank started Fox Distributing completely from scratch. They knew that BG Products were of the highest quality but this field was new to both of them. It was a struggle in the beginning but using the qualities that made Fox Machinery successful, they began making headway. With a small but loyal number of customers, word began to spread. In the beginning, overcoming obstacles such as finding quality employees who shared the company vision was challenging.

In general, we are in a business not noted for its ethics. Most competitors vying for business in the automotive maintenance marketplace will tell the prospect "what he wants to hear." Most of them are not above under-the-table dealing — whatever it takes. It is professional suicide to "get down in the mud" with these competitors.

Ethics isn't just what we say. Ethics demand that we deliver what we promise. As a rule, we have always wanted to promise "less" than we think we can deliver. I remember well, advice that my grandfather gave me when we were starting out. If you promise something, make sure you can deliver. Even if it costs you, make sure that you follow through with your commitments. The true professional salesman builds a professional reputation based on meticulous follow-through on his promises.

Mike Fox during one of Fox Distributing's Service Advisor  College training sessionsToday, we are truly thankful for our long list of loyal customers. We take great pride in knowing that we are helping them to be more profitable and increase their customer retention level while helping their customers keep their vehicles "trouble-free and fun to drive".

To our current customers- Thank you very much for your business. Our goal is not to become your vendor, but a true partner in the success of your business. We would certainly not be the leader in the industry without you. We also realize that we are only beginning this journey. If you have any ideas of how we may improve what we do, please call Mike directly or send an email. Your input is extremely important.

To those of you who are not yet our customers- We ask that you give us an opportunity to prove to you how we're different from other competitors in the marketplace. You owe it to yourself, your company and your customers. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Mike Fox
Fox Distributing of S.W. Florida, Inc.

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