Fox Distributing's Service Advisor College


Sell service!

The only thing the service department has to sell is time! Yet in a recent survey, only 10% of the automotive professionals questioned listed “sell service” as a part of the consultant’s job description. Whenever “sell service” was listed, it was always last on the list — almost as if it were an afterthought.

The Fox Distributing Service Advisor College Seminar leader is Mike Fox. Mike is a 19-year veteran with BG Products, having built Fox Distributing beginning in 1986. Over the past 3 1/2 years more than 350 Owners, General Managers, Fixed Operations Directors, Service & Parts Managers and Service Consultants have attended Mike's schools.


I would like to come again. The school made me more confident in selling service on the drive.

Female Service Consultant
(7 years experience)

“Sales and Marketing” gave me a reminder and a reference to take a look at myself.

Service Consultant (20 years experience)

Powerful, Informative. Glad I came.

Service Consultant (5 years experience)

The best course I ever took. A 10+!

Quick Service Manager (6 years experience)

Customer interaction ideas were just GREAT! I would like to come back later in the year to learn other newer items and tips that are going to be beneficial.

Female Service Consultant (3 years experience)

I’ve been to many OEM training classes an this was by far the best.

Service Manager (4 years experience)

Very informative. We are selling services that are important and necessary for our customer’s vehicles.

Service Consultant (18 years experience)

I can really put all the things I’ve learned to benefit my customers.

Female Service Consultant (1 year experience)

Very informative. Very good presentation. All service advisors should attend. I will send both my advisors to future classes.

Service Manager (18 years experience)

The information will be beneficial to everyone. I loved “Sales and Marketing Techniques”. I’ll probably come again in the future.

Service Consultant (1 year experience)

I was very impressed with the professional working environment and the equipment in your office. You project a very honest approach to selling preventive maintenance services.

Female Owner (33 years experience)

The class made me feel that your company is up to date. You are sincerely concerned about making the maximum impact for your customers and you’re willing to make the effort to prove it.

Service Consultant (8 years experience)

Please educate my Dealer Principal.

Service Consultant (7 years experience)

The class will help me and my staff be more effective.

Service Manager (12 years experience)

Class made me more informed and will make me a better asset to my company. “Knowledge is Power”.

Female Service Greeter (2 years experience)

I think this class was just what I needed to improve my skills at helping my customer fulfill their needs.

Female Service Consultant (6 mo. experience)

Very nice class. More people from my store should attend this

Service Consultant (3 years experience)

I leave today with GREAT ideas to change and improve the way my company does business. Thank you!

Owner (20 years experience)

As a long time customer of BG, I feel the product gets better every year.

Service Consultant (12 years experience)

It opened my eyes on new ways to sell more services– not just BG services but everything we offer.

Service Consultant (8 years experience)

Found many ways to change & improve my sales technique.

Service Consultant (5 years experience)

Having only a short time as an advisor, these training sessions have been quite informative and helpful for myself and obviously my dealership.

Service Consultant (3 mo. experience)

You gave me all the ammo I need!

Service Consultant (12 years experience)

I believe the training was great. Not only did it help me understand BG Services but it will also help me to be a better advisor.

Service Consultant (2 years experience)

We need more programs like this.

Service Consultant (3 years experience)

School was excellent. Don’t change a thing!

Service Consultant (5 years experience)

Thanks for taking your time to help educate us and I could tell you were both concerned about our careers. I believe your products and your people are very beneficial to this industry.

Service Consultant (2 years experience)