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When I got my first job in the car business at 18 I knew pretty much nothing; like everyone at that age I suppose I thought I pretty much knew everything but the job showed me pretty quickly how little I knew. Do you know what I had to do? I had to learn how to do what I needed to do and as changes came I had to learn more with those as well. It was the same for my next job in the car business and it remains the same today, I have to keep learning and changing every single day. Contrary to popular belief and how I might act sometimes, I donít know everything. With as quickly as things are changing sometimes it seems like I really am not any smarter than when I was 18. I bet you feel exactly the same way sometimes. You better.

Every single day I get to deal with really smart people that for some reason have decided that they are done learning and know all they need to know. Does that sound like someone you work with or maybe does it sound a lot like you? What new things are you learning to stay ahead of the inevitable changes that will come your way? Every vehicle you deal with has gotten better so you have to get better too, and donít forget how smart your customer has become or in some cases think they have become. You have to be ready.

People are by nature pretty predictable animals and if left to their own devices will do just enough to get by. I am not saying that to upset anyone and if it makes you feel any better I count myself as one of those predictable animals sometimes as well. Unlike other animals though we tend to resist change and adaptation to be better at what we need to accomplish. We have reached a point where somehow we have made it okay to be slow just by looking around town and judging how everyone else is doing. I could not care any less how anyone else is doing when it comes to doing the best I can and holding my own self accountable. I will keep doing the things I need to do to stay busy. Why would any of you be any different than that?

It is very easy to get dragged into a trap when it comes to the business in your shop, when you have lots of vehicles to work on it is easy to mask the fact that you may just be hitting the high spots when it comes to doing the right thing by your customer and your business. Conversely when it slows down and the light of reality is shined upon you it is easy to just say that nobody is buying when in reality you havenít really tried to sell. A sale is simply a transfer of emotion, when you are in a mood because you may be slow your customer will pick up on that and probably help keep you slow, stay excited and they will be excited with you.

I will not sugarcoat anything and try to tell you that your jobs have gotten easier, better vehicles and customers that have purchased way above their pay grade do not help you correctly do your job. Here is the thing though; what is it that is stopping you from at least trying? Here is an idea; Pick one thing to sell and present it to every single customer whether they need it or not at that moment, doing that will accomplish two things; you will get better at presenting a sale and you will plant a seed for when it is actually time to buy that something. In addition, have a set schedule that you work by for every single vehicle that comes in and use that schedule the same way on every vehicle, every time. What is the worst that could happen? You sell more today AND later down the road? How bad would that be?

Whatever you learn to get better at what you do is a change in yourself that is yours to keep. Nobody can take it away from you and better is what you will end up being. Keep the change.

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Posted on: July 12, 2017

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