Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find BG Products and Services in my area?

    • Are you looking for a retail outlet to have quality BG services performed on your vehicle in YOUR local area?

      Click here and type in your zip code to begin a search of automotive maintenance facilities in your area. Each specific BG Service that a facility handles is listed under their name. To find more information about a particular service, click the corresponding icon to go to a page that contains more detailed information along with short videos to educate you of the benefits of that service. Along with the shop's address and phone number, there is also a mapping feature that will help guide you right to their door. If the shop has a Web site, it may be listed there as well.
    • Are you an owner/employee of a professional automotive repair facility?

      BG Distributors can only market BG Products within their geographically protected territory. So in an effort to help you find the BG Distributor responsible for your area, go to BG's Distributor Locator and input your country, state and county. This will provide you the correct contact information so we can be better able to respond to your requests. Please correspond directly with your local distributor.

  • Can I find BG Products at Parts Stores or Discount Stores?

    No, you can't. BG products are designed, used and recommended by professional service facilities all over the world and are available through this high quality network.

  • Can I obtain price quotes from you?

    No, price quotes are only available from your local BG Distributor. Each individual BG Distributorship has a set price for their territory. While pricing isn't exactly the same, it is very similar throughout the US. Each BG Distributor's marketing efforts are restricted to his territory and are not to be pursued outside of that area, price quotes included.

  • Are all additives the same and aren't they all "snake oil"?

    No, they are not all the same and no, they are not all snake oil. One of the biggest issues we face as BG Distributors is that "someone" used "somebody else's" products and it caused problems for them previously. There are many different chemistry choices available in the marketplace today and it can be confusing. There are just as many choices for a company in formulating their products.

    Some chemistry does an adequate job of cleaning, however their choice of chemistry simply pushes the problem further down the line. For instance, cleaning injectors is relatively easy, but if the wrong chemistry formulation is used, carbon can be "chunked" off and cause a problem further down the path in the fuel system.

    Many products in the marketplace today work to minimum levels. This means that a product may show initial benefits to the customer but these, many times, are short-lived and the same problems comes back to plague the customer much sooner than if BG Products were used. Rest assured that BG Products combines thorough scientific and real-world testing to completely stand behind all of the product benefit statements they make. It is also just as important to note that BG will never compromise a technician's safety by using a cheaper but possibly dangerous chemistry in it's formulations. Quality always comes first